My Writing: Book One


• a journal for grades K-2
• good line spacing, with the alphabet
and drawing area on each page
• sight word list, a blank word wall,
and other planning/teaching tools

This journal is 64 pages of high quality paper, with laminated covers for durability. Line spacing is half inch, with a dotted midline. Price includes sales tax and shipping.



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The front inside cover is a chart of writing ideas, with lots of blank space for the child’s plans.

The inside back cover is a word list, to aid in spelling.

Back cover folds out to reveal All About Me and blank word list sections.

The back cover contains information about the writing process, in the form of a rainbow.

Because the covers are laminated, you’ll want to use a pen or Sharpie to write on them. (On the word wall, etc.) Pencil works just fine on all the interior pages, though.

Useful as a portfolio of work over time.

Handy, lots of resources in one spot.

Clever Kiwi USA is a family owned business headquartered in Wisconsin.

Clever Kiwi  USA prints all its books on Eco Friendly Paper

Clever Kiwi USA uses fun simple designs that kids love.

Additional information

Book Size

8.5 x 11in.

For Kids Grades


Paper Quality

80 GSM

Number of Pages



Anthem 100# Gloss Cover stock

Inside Pages

60# Anthem Matte Text stock




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