Topic Book


• a beginner’s writing journal
• generous line spacing, with the alphabet
and room for a picture on each page
• sight words, a blank word wall, and other
learning aids on the cover

Laminated cover to enhance and strengthen the spine. Our books don’t need to be covered, thus saving time and money. Pages are divided in half to allow for drawing and writing – perfect for junior students. Price includes sales tax.



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Information on the inside front cover contains: alphabet, punctuation & basic sight words.

Information on the inside back cover contains: numbers one – ten, colours, basic shapes, days of the week

A map of the United States is printed on the back cover.

Clever Kiwi is a New Zealand Family Owned business

Clever Kiwi prints all its books on Eco Friendly Paper

Clever Kiwi uses fun simple designs

Additional information

Book Size

8.5 x 11 in.

For Kids Grades


Page Quality

80 GSM

Number of Pages



Anthem 100# Gloss Cover stock

Inside Pages

60# Anthem Matte Text stock




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